We can accompany our customers either in advance of a project or during its follow-up. In all cases we commit ourselves to provide a full range of services:

  • Client assistance through consulting and expertise (audits, diagnostic assessments, feasibility studies, impact studies, site selection, traffic forecasts, master plans…)
  • Design consultancy (design of buildings and infrastructures, construction supervision
  • Define the technical specifications of the project
  • Project management for an entire project

Thanks to our overhaul competences we can provide a wide range of our engineering services, from requirements specification, to project management in the fields of:

  • Architectural design
  • Infrastructure Engineering
  • Tower systems (consoles, VCCS, etc…)
  • Construction supervision
  • Electrical systems (Technical rooms, power plant for airport, power supply, etc…)
  • Airfield lighting and signage
  • Communications systems: HF, VHF, VSAT
  • Surveillance: Radars, ADS-B, MLAT
  • Meteorological Equipment

Our Engineers keep a constant watching on all applicable technologies and associated operational concepts, capable to provide an objective point of view.

Thanks to our technical expertise, our engineers and consultants are in a position to guarantee the longevity of the infrastructures and the compliancy with the applicable regulations.